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Artisan Bakery & Cafe

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Everything's Fresh Here at Crumb.

Fresh Bread
Artisan Bread
Coffee & Drinks
Oatmeal and Berries Yogurt
Breakfast & Brunch

Our Bakery

Artisan Bakery with Asian Fusion breakfast and brunch, providing food sourced from local Miri and Sarawak as well as International Producers.

We take extra efforts to make sure our product is created with passion and incorporate local producers to create a new and unique taste for all to enjoy.

Rustic Bread Loaf
Artisan Bread


Our Artisan bread is about how the bread is made, from the type of flour we use to the length of the fermentation process. And without question, artisan bread is made using a natural starter, made with flour, water and salt, and is baked with passion because bread is Life!

Jump Start Your Day with our specially brewed 


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